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Last Thursday our family went to a relatively new restaurant: Fusion Plaza in Almelo, the Netherlands. It’s an all you can eat concept with food from 5 different countries and…

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Social media can be great. In many ways Instagram and Facebook helped me through various moments in motherhood by connecting with other parents. However, the internet is not just pink…

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February’s theme is called “All about love”,  and it sure reminds me of the over te top sugary sweetness called Valentines day. Honestly, this box needed some time to land. I…

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Hi, I’m Nisa! I’m a mom to a sweet yet sometimes over-enthusiastic three year old and wifey of Kerim. In my offline existence I own my own business while working at a large insurance company. Where’s that coffee at? is my online realm where I love to write about parenting, pretty things that make me happy and some wining & dining. I hope you have as much fun reading my articles as I have writing them!

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