About Nisa & T.

From festivals, sleeping in & Netflix marathons to diapers, pacifiers & Duplo. The first of my friends with a kid, carefully conquering the minefield called parenting. That’s me. Nisa (’91). I’m mom of the (totally not biased) cutest boy in the world, T. (’16) and even though I’m sometimes on the verge of insanity I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Obviously there is more to me than being a parent. I recently started my own business in web design, work at a large insurance company and still make time for the occasional Netflix-marathon. I enjoy spending time with my friends, eating out or give myself some well-deserved peace and tranquility. 

T. adores cars like his parents, building weird structures with Lego/Duplo and has a passion for binge-watching shows like his mom. He enjoys his time at daycare and can’t wait to start school (let’s see how long that’s going to last). He’s strong willed and has a temper, but above all he’s the sweetest little kid in the world.

About Hayatim

So, because my childless peers were getting kind of sick and tired of my endless talks about parenting I decided to find my way online. This is when I first got in contact with the concept of “Mom Blogs”. It seemed like fun to write about my own experiences and chatting with other parents so I decided to create my own blog. In November of 2018 I wrote my first blogpost and ever since I’ve been blogging about parenthood, beauty, lifestyle and food. At first solely in Dutch, but because the internet has no borders neither does Hayatım. Nowadays there will be one English article and one Dutch article per week. The name Hayatım is of Turkish origin. It both means “my life” as well as “my sweetest/most important”. I couldn’t imagine a better fitting name describing our partly Turkish family! I hope you enjoy your time here in my online home, and if you would like to share anything feel free to comment or message me!